ITS Residential Heat Pump 6.3 KW Super Series




ITS heat pumps are cutting-edge technology renewable energy water heating products. Using a refrigeration cycle to extract energy from the surrounding air (indirectly using solar energy), it can provide you with piping hot water day and night, winter and summer at a fraction of the cost of electrical geyser element heating. We do not know what the stock market will do in the future, but we do know that an ITS heat pump is one of the best financial investments out there and it will pay for itself many times over.

ITS Heat Pump Pty Ltd is known to be a leader in the design of heat pumps and outsources the manufacturing to industry-leading factories. The result is a product that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Model ITS-6.5HDSuper

    • No other heat pump on the market even comes close to the ITS super series.
    • Build-in Wi-Fi for easy control via Smart Life application.
    • True greater than 60°C geyser temperatures (80°C max output).
    • Class-leading efficiency that will save you thousands each year.
    • A serious reduction in your carbon footprint.
    • Piping hot water all year round at a fraction of the cost of normal electrical heating.
    • Maximum hot water delivery via the ITS patented integration technique.
    • Quiet and aesthetically friendly.
    • Unequaled life expectancy.
    • Can be used in conjunction with solar heaters.
    • Limited extended 5-year warranty.

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