Premium Solar Collector Plate 2.5 Sqm



For geyser 150L to 250L


ITS Solar is known to be a leader in the design of flat plate solar collectors and outsources the manufacturing to an industry-leading factory. The result is a product that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Flat plate solar collector technology is one of the oldest and most widely used technologies in solar water heating panels. The simplicity of the technology makes it easy to manufacture offering absolutely great value for money.

Key Features:

Model ITS-FLP2.5 – 2.5sqm

  • Class-leading efficiency – Through careful design, ITS is able to offer class-leading efficiency to our collectors. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not only manufacturing a panel that is aesthetically pleasing, but we also utilize the proper materials and material thicknesses on the inside of the collector to ensure a high thermal output even after many decades of operation.
  • Sleek low profile design – Designed to be aesthetically pleasing and with minimal visual impact and wind resistance.
  • Beautiful finish – ITS uses only high-quality finishing materials on our products to ensure the product will even after years of exposure to the outside elements still remain as good-looking as the day you bought it.
  • Superior corrosion resistance – ITS uses high-purity metals and quality finishes in the manufacturing of our collectors to ensure superior corrosion resistance.
  • Freeze resistance – Flat plate collectors are prone to freeze when exposed to sub-zero temperatures for extended periods but when our panel is combined with our advanced control system it will withstand even the harshness of a European winter.
  • Hail resistance – Covered with a 3.25mm tempered glass our flat plates have survived some really serious hailstorms. At SABS it was tested with hailstones of up to 38mm without any damage.
  • Easy installation and maintenance-free operation – ITS solar collectors are designed with a groove in the frame to enable easy mounting with clip-in brackets. The collector also includes a dedicated temperature sensor pocket for easy integration with a system controller. ITS collectors are designed to be maintenance-free.
  • 5-year warranty – ITS flat plate technology comes standard with a 5-year warranty. Due to our advanced EPDM sealing techniques and high-quality materials, the products have a life expectancy of more than 20 years. ITS solar collectors have survived rigorous testing by the SABS.

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